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15 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
Anyone willing to be a sounding board for a time loop Reichenbach Fall Sherlock fic? Most of my dear 'talk it over with me!' folks haven't seen it and I'm DYING to talk over a couple of the plot points!

To those aforementioned folks: I'm NOT grouchy or trying to make you feel bad! But I wanna talk about itttttt. /whine
See the blazing you'll be sorry...
01 February 2012 @ 10:14 am
When Worlds Collide... Possible SGA and Sherlock Spoilers in Comments!  
Okay, calling all Stargate: Atlantis and Sherlock fans!

Tell me what interactions you'd really love to see between the characters of these worlds!

Full disclosure: I'm writing a crossover. Posting this is less about wanting ideas I can write in the story (though if it's an idea I can't pass up and you wouldn't mind letting me write it in the story, I'll totally credit you!) and more about having a chance to kind of delight in the idea of how some of our favorite characters will interact with each other.

Chances are great there will be spoilers in the comments!
See the blazing you'll be sorry...
25 January 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Note to self...  
...if you actually intend to ever WRITE fic about this series, you have to stop reading it first.

Translation: I WILL write something but for right now OMG YAY FIC. *twirls*
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22 January 2012 @ 09:21 pm
Random, but...  
...did I REALLY not upload all of my SGA fic to A03? WTF, self! The only story on there from Atlantis is That Which, which, though it's my pride and joy, is hardly the sum total of my SGA fic! *facepalm*

I'm pretty sure I'm ready to start writing again, does anyone have a John/Sherlock they'd like to prompt for me? I can't guarantee I'll write it, but I feel awash with possibility that's hard to narrow down, and knowing one of my lovely flisters would like a fic would probably help me pin down a plotline :)

ps. plus I know what to do now if I feel like I need busywork! Must... upload... SGA fic...
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18 January 2012 @ 09:23 pm
Yes. Err... hi.  
Been gone a while, by 'gone' I mean not posting on the journal itself, just in communities. Sorry about that! I find it much more difficult to talk about myself (especially when I am not entrenched in fandom at the time) while chasing a toddler, fancy that!

Quick notes:

Earned (still have to go pick it up, oops) my Associate's Degree!

I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant (due April 8, which is Easter) with another little girl, yay!

About to hit 10 year wedding anniversary!

Madly in love with the Sherlock fandom!!
More specific stuff, and pictures of the 2 and a half year old :DCollapse )
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04 March 2011 @ 05:10 pm
Of distorted thinking and writing, unconnectedly  
I used to think, quite confidently, that knowing I was having distorted thoughts would help me clear them. I was kind of right but not all that much, as it turns out.

I know I'm depressed. I haven't bathed in a long time. I don't want to cook or clean or eat. I have trouble sleeping. I don't want to play WoW or eat the fudge brownies with peanut butter icing we bought me for my birthday.

Typing that all out makes it look a LOT more worrisome than I've been treating it, holy shit. But yeah. I don't want to do ANYTHING, and not even the fact that my pants don't really fit anymore makes me feel better (cause, yay, baby) because that means I have to go clothes shopping, and don't you know FAT women don't get to have sex, so we sure as hell don't need maternity clothes! So THAT should be fun.

On an entirely different note, Carolyn can do the alphabet up to F and sometimes G now, we're shopping for a new-to-us car (looked at the HHR yesterday and I love it, looking at the Malibu Maxx and hopefully a Vibe tomorrow), and I came up with a really great way to pull my 2010 NaNoWriMo into a fully fledged series.

Speaking of which, is there anyone out there with AIM or possibly e-mail that would like to chat with me about this? I do my best writing thinking when I'm writing down my ideas to clarify them to someone else (and ILU wolfshark for putting up with my spontaneous doing that earlier! I try really hard not to do that without explicit permission, lol), but since this is an original Fantasy hint of Sci Fi & future steampunk novel, it's not as easy to find sounding boards, hehe.

How is everyone else? To sum up me right now, I feel like a completely ungrateful piece of shit, let me tell you. We're doing well as a family (despite my lethargy. ILU, family), I'm pregnant, and life is good! Y SO SAD, SELF?

no tags because ugh, depressing.

ps. I can post a bit about the story in a comment/new post/edit if yinz are interested. I won't devolve into a puddle of misery if you don't, which for me is a plus today.
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12 February 2011 @ 08:34 pm
See icon!  
So, I haven't been very talkative lately, and that's been very bad! I don't plan on being all baby talk, never did (might be why I hadn't said much, as I haven't been as fandomy and there's not much else going on for me, heh), but I figured I'd say-- PREGNANT!

I am also taking a Geology course which will, once completed, make it so I can have an Associate's degree. It's a great feeling and so far this is a fantastic year.

How is everyone? I want to say that if you want to defriend me, I completely understand as I haven't been saying much. I think for a while I was afraid to post for fear of people going 'oh, wow, they're still on my flist? meh' and defriend me, but if we're not doing the same sorts of stuff lately I totally understand and won't get weird about it, though I won't lie and say I wouldn't be sad. All of you are there for a reason!

Anyway, I'm due October 15, according to my LMP, and my first appointment is next week! My daughter is ecstatic, and loves to point at my belly and say 'baby!' or try to find the hiding baby in my belly button or under my shirt.

Speaking of her, here's a link to recent pictures (I say recent, but we're bad at posting them on time, so it's more ~Christmastime.) Scroll down for the recent ones!

This one is my favorite, it"s from November when it was warm last year.Collapse )
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20 September 2010 @ 10:33 pm
Started a few new things...  
Watched the first couple episodes of Veronica Mars last night. I did NOT expect to like it--I have a big problem with feeling uncomfortable/too much hostility in media things (as in, shows or movies with a lot of that, not like, news programs, not that I wasn't the only one that thought that's what I might have meant. MOVING ON)--but I do like it! Not sure when I'll get a chance to watch more, but yeah.


Seriously, this uh... might be more fun to write in than Who or Stargate? I haven't even seen teh whole movie yet and that was still a fantastic post and go read it if you even vaguely like Inception because frantic_allonsy did a GREAT job. Also, hi pingback bot! :D

So. I'll tell you you need to watch Inception and consider reading that post or one or the other or both, and you can tell me why I should keep watching Veronica Mars? Deal!

ps. have a great story on tap for either Doctor Who Santa or the SyFy Big Bang, not sure which it'll be yet. Fun adventure Amy Rory Eleven! Yay!
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13 September 2010 @ 06:04 pm
When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong.  
Okay, before I explain, I have to ask you guys who write or read fanfiction something:

Are all non-canon slash fics considered AU by the majority of readers and writers in most fandoms?

If I were to write a future-fic story where two characters who had an attraction in canon (endorsed by the writers, as I am a tinhatter, haha) got married, would you consider that AU?

What is your definition of Alternate Universe?

I gotta admit, while some of what the following makes logical sense, it really isn"t established procedure in any fandom circles *I* run in...Collapse )
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12 September 2010 @ 08:47 pm
Argh! *handsflail*  
ETA: Apparently there is who_beta! WIN. But if anyone's interested in offering help, please do! :D
TLDR: how do I hook up with a Doctor Who beta, ya'all? It's such a big fandom, is there really no 'official' place to look or are my search skills lacking? :\

Okay, I've done my due diligence, I think! I basically am looking for something along the lines of sga_beta but for Doctor Who/Torchwood/Whoniverse stuff. I can't find anything! I don't want to just show up on the big doctorwho community waving my hand like a gigantic n00b asking for help if that's not the place to ask, but I'm wayyy unconnected to this fandom right now and I'm intimidated and HALP.

I basically want a cold_poet for Doctor Who, haha. Not that I could ever or would ever replace her, mind you, but I want someone I can chat with who will also kick my ass as a beta, and while grammarwoman is fantastic and awesome as well, she's my SGA buddy and I feel like I'm fandom cheating? A little? I guess I'm saying I want a more 'this is a creative conversation' kind of experience, and I can't not squee at certain people about IRL stuff and it derails me terribly :(

God, I should NOT post this, because it's likely to be offputting for some folks and offending to others argh.

I am so not tagging thissss. It can disappear into the nether of bad judgement LJ posts! *waves*